Intermediate Lower Body Workout 12

Want to take your workouts to the next level? Then this Intermediate Lower Body Workout is perfect for you! You just need yourself, a bottle of water, and some space. You’ll feel this workout as it primerily targets your Glutes, as well as your Quad Muscles, and increases your heart rate into the “Fat Burning” Zone. Enjoy!

About this workout

This Intermediate workout will fire up your quads and give you a great ‘Booty Burner’ workout. Theres a few exercises that will certainly challenge you so you’ll feel the burn! It takes the TonedIn10 format of 45s ON, 15s REST with 2 rounds for a total workout of 10m.

Equipment List:

  • Just yourself


  1. Alternating Curtsey Lunge and Side Kick
  2. Singe Leg Hip Raise
  3. Jump Lunges
  4. Donkey Kicks
  5. Pulse Sumo Squat


Variations: Ready to advance the intensity of this workout? Try our Advanced Lower Body Workout 12, or if you’d like to turn this into a low impact workout, try our Beginners Lower Body Workout 12.


Enjoy, ladies! Don’t forget you can ask us any questions you may have about this workout.


Caution: Always remember to complete a Warm Up before any of our workouts (you can find one recommended at the bottom of this page).

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