Intermediate Full Body Workout 2

Ready to take your workout to the next level, then this workout is for you! It’s sure to raise your heart rate into the ‘Fat Burning’ Zone, targeting your Quads, Calves, Shoulders, Pectorals and Core Muscles. Enjoy!

About this workout

This intermediate workout takes the TonedIn10 format of 45s ON, 15s REST with 2 rounds for a total workout of 10m. Pop on your own music in the background so you can workout to your favourite songs that make you feel energised!

Equipment List:

  • 2 x Dumbbells if you have them


  1. Side Step and Toe Touch
  2. Weighted Squat and Shoulder Press
  3. March and Weighted Forward Punch
  4. Lunge with Weighted Back Pull
  5. Bicycle Crunches

Variations: Ready to take this workout to the next level? Try our Advanced Full Body Workout 2.

Enjoy, ladies! Don’t forget you can ask us any questions you may have about this workout.

PS Please note this workout was filmed during the Coronavirus outbreak in the UK when we were all in isolation, therefore the lighting/sound quality may not quite be to the high quality of our other videos as I had to turn my office into a Home Gym/Studio. Our apologies!


Caution: Always remember to complete a Warm Up before any of our workouts (you can find one recommended at the bottom of this page).

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